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While the eGo 650 based products work fine for many people, especially those concerned with
ergonomics and esthetics, most of us want the full power vapor. Mods use a bigger, stronger rechargeable
battery cell. The consistent thick vapor that mods produce (in conjuction with a great Atomizer) is
definitely worth taking the next step. Be aware that often the mods are just a power source, not a
starter kit - allowing custom setups for each individual.
Atomizer refers to the part of your APV or Mod which converts e-liquid into vapor. It will have one or
more coils somewhere inside that can be replaced to keep the vapor thick and fresh. Coils are either
factory made coil heads, or hand rolled coils from bulk coil wire. There's pros and cons to both methods,
and some companies offer amazing pre-wraps. Ceramic coils and quartz rods are used in medicinal kits,
designed for for zero-loss performance.
Liquid nicotine - the stuff that makes vaping into an actual tobacco addiction management tool. While
0mg eliquid is available, most people will find 3, 6, or even 12mg sufficient to drop tobacco completely.
You will find the perfect flavor(s) for you. Until recently we sourced eliquids from California to provide
Purity and quality, however Canadian eJuicers have caught up -and we now proudly carry brands from
both countries.
The standard 510 batteries (aka "eGo thread") come in passthrough, variable voltage, variable wattage,
and they always have a similar pen look. These batteries come in a variety of styles and colors and are
fully interchangeable. Of course, battery mods use battery cells that are replaced as needed. The most
common size for these cells is 18650 - 18mm diamater, 650mm in length. Mods will use from 1 to 4 cells
depending on the model. A new popular size is 20700, replacing 26650 (hopefully!)
For many people first stopping smoking cigarettes, details and small parts can be counter-productive.
Frustration over devices that won't fire right, for no good reason, can erupt into a trip to the gas station!
Also, many women and men alike prefer a slim device, or a short one. Battery longevity between
charges isn't a priority as much as style for them - and that's what the car USB is for anyway. The fact is
everyone should have a second device regardless: you will always have an option.
Portable ganja vaporizers have always been popular. And these days, on top of dry herb there are also
great concentrates products, which liquify when heated. The zero loss "ceramic cup" is a popular option
for costly concentrated products. Better yet, a TiP device. However the superior method by far is to
dissolve your concentrates into no-nicotine eliquid, and vape it in any tank you like. Shatter Batter® -
good stuff!

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