It all started one summer day in 2010

We purchased a new device called the "electronic cigarette." We were so impressed with the smoke-like quality of the vapor, and wondered if this product could be a valuable potential tool in the battle against tobacco addiction. If only it contained the rather harmless (but terribly addictive) nicotine...

We went online, and made a ton of calls

No one was selling nicotine enabled "e-cigs." It was as if the American vape startups didn't want to risk producing nicotine electronic cigarettes for the public so they tested the concept with no drug. Maybe some parts of the world like China were embracing the idea, but North American companies largely were only doing "zero nic."

So we decided to stop asking for help

We pooled some money and imported our first nicotine starter kits directly from the manufacturers in China.
None of us has had a cigarette since...

We started our first website...

In the early days PayPal did support vaping because there was no controversy at the time. However it was very difficult to get traction because No one had heard of ecigs and everyone was justifiably skeptical of the safety and effectiveness. We rented mall kiosks and created free "bare bones" starter kits of a battery+charger and 3 nicotine cartomizers. But that was enough, as the product gained in demand and we had it! So we learned how to sell online "way back" in 2010.

And our next...

With professional help we learned how to assemble our own websites. Meanwhile many others were exercising their own rights to health and happiness, and the vaping industry was born around us. Others doing exactly what we were doing, on different levels from shops to juiceries to manufacturing, created today's modern vapor industry.

Welcome to

This website is the culmination of years of effort and experience. Being a small business has allowed us to stay informal and give great deals. We have a great reputation with our clients; we have been doing this a long time and we still love seeing people released from cigarettes - as we were years ago now.¹

Then 8/8 changed everything in America

As much as tobacco addicts were running to vapor, multi-national corporate interests were rightly concerned that their addicted customers leaving would lead to less sales, less illness, and indeed less potions to sell to ill smokers - from cough medicine to chemotherapy drugs.

Simultaneously, the federal government of America realized that smoking citizens could be vaping as much as smoking within a few years. The taxes that increase a $2 production cost into a $12 pack of smokes, that cannot be allowed to just vanish from the government's perspective!

And so on August 8th 2016 the federal agency FDA released an insane set of conditions that were transparently designed to favor pharmaceutical and tobacco companies. Simply put, only someone who is already in the 1% will possibly afford the enormous fees demanded by the FDA. By their own numbers
98% of American vaping businesses are expected to shut down by the end of the 2 year grace period.

So we again give thanks to be Canadian, and hope to come to a win-win situation that vaping offers. God bless Canada and help the AVA and CASAA win their righteous battles.

And as a Canadian please register with the Canadian Vaping Association!

¹ Some legal code, somewhere, changing, evolving, may prevent us from claiming that vaping can help you quit smoking. So to comply with the law, any and all of them, we simply won't make this claim. We can say vaping is 95% safer than cigarettes, and that's an awesome amount of people! 95% less deaths if everyone switched over at once - and that scares the heck out of big pharma.

Where are we at today?

These days we've scaled back our online sales (although we are happy to mail out anytime) in order to concentrate on serving our home town to the best of our abilities. We have a store front known as OLIVER VAPE and you can find us there every day of the week. Doing bookwork, selling vapor, and vaping all day long...

This has always been a passion rather than a job.


Tony Di Iuorio
Proprietor, owner-operator - Where did we come from?

What types of payment can I make?
PayPal, Credit Card (Visa/MC/Discover/AmEx), and Interac eTransfer - are the safest and fastest ways to pay for your purchases. eTransfers are sent to:
How are my products shipped?
We ship via Canada Post to Canada and USPS in America. They provide the best rates, and include insurance with your Tracking Number*. Should anything happen to your product on the way, or if it never arrives, we can report it missing and send you a replacement.
How much is shipping?
The costs for shipping are flat rates in line with Canada Post rates. Orders over $100 are shipped free.

$15 - Parcel rate
$20 - Expedited
$30 - Expedited Express (2-3 business days)

A tracking number is always provided.
Why are your prices so low?
Being smaller has many advantages, including selling authentic gear at lower prices. We just want you to have access to the best tools and eliquids while still keeping our lights on.
We factor taxes into the prices, and charge you shipping separately, so the price is exactly what you think it is.
We match any advertised brick and mortar retail price.
How does your price matching work?
Very well thank you. It is not fair to compare online prices because they have low overhead - but they also lack the personal touch, and if you need help or warranty services nothing beats walking into the store to have the issue solved on the spot.
So if you can show us a competing full-service vapor shop with a lower price on the item you want, that will be what we will charge you.
What are your return policies?
We all take a chance when we buy a new product based on images and text, so we are pretty lenient about returns. If you "change your mind" then you may pay to ship it back to us for store credit towards another item.
If it is damaged or malfunctioning then we will exchange it for free including shipping after you send it back to us. All our items have a 6 month warranty.
Is nicotine poisonous?
Anything is poisonous if you take enough. With nicotine that amount is quite high. You could drink a bottle of eliquid and you probably won't die. We don't suggest it however as you will become very ill.
Nicotine is a mild stimulant comparable to caffeine in toxicity. You can't "OD" on vaping nicotine because you would get sick and/or pass out before you could puff enough to harm you. It's just not that dangerous.
Having said that, pregnant women and growing children should NEVER use nicotine, and drinking enough strong eliquid CAN kill, especially children.
Why aren't all your products listed online?
Also asked as, "Why is your website often incomplete?"

The answer is: There are only 24 hours in a day, and despite the Head Salesperson's claims we DO need sleep to be healthy and to stay alive.

We operate a brick and mortar shop 7 days a week. We take calls and emails and maintain a social media presence where we provide free build help and info. Plus on top of everything we TEST EVERY PRODUCT for addition to -- which we maintain personally. (Or neglect personally depending on your view.) Keeping a low overhead through DIY has always been our business model.
We understand it can be frustrating especially for people who are compare-shopping. However we make it easy for you: we'll match any advertised price anyway!
Do you give deals if I buy a lot of juice?
Of course!
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