Atomizers - The most influential part of the product

Authentic Atomizers; Tanks, Drippers, and RBA/RTA (Rebuildables)

Atomizers and the coils inside them are the biggest factor in defining how your
vapor will be. Size doesn't matter. The bigger the tank the more "juice" you can
carry, but other than that it's the coils you'll want to pay attention to.
If you're new to vaping or run a busy life schedule you won't want to start building
right away. More likely, you'll enjoy the convenience and cleanliness of popping in a
new head. Changing your coils or heads is important because sedimentation from
the flavors builds up and reduces the efficiency of the coils, ruining flavor and
reducing vapor.
Many 'attys' are dual capable, supplying heads and a rebuildable deck.

One thing to always keep in mind is to make sure your power source is compatible
with your atomizer. Regulated Mods sometimes have a safety cut-off point around
0.5 ohms - if you thread on a sub-atomizer it will simply blink or give you an error
message on the display. This usually only applies to eGo style batteries and older
model mods.
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