Nicotine Eliquids

We love desserts and pastries, what about you?

Eliquids are notoriously difficult to buy and sell online. For our store open to the public, we are much better able to display the ever-changing landscape of flavors in person. First we determine the desired nicotine strength and then provide all flavors in that strength to choose from.

If you're buying gear from us and want to buy extra bottles of eliquid, provide us a flavor profile and we will match it as closely as possible. This is an
excellent way to become exposed to new brands!

We're quite laid-back here and always looking out for our clients; we don't advertise this but OF COURSE you will get a deal if you buy 3 or 4 bottles at once.

Here are some of our favorite brands we are going to continue keeping on hand:

Our Prices, in Canadian and American dollars

Keep in mind when comparison shopping across borders

PayPal will not support vaping gear or nicotine, however they will process zero nicotine eLiquids only.
Bottle Size Price per bottle (Canadian & USA)
$USD Total $CAD
120 ml
$46.72 $ 35.12 $50
60 ml $32.71 $ 24.55 $35
30 ml
$18.69 $ 14.02 $20
15 ml
$ 9.35 $   7.02 $10
10 ml
$ 6.54 $   4.91 $ 7
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