Mods - The True Vapor System, (with a false name)

Nothing at all is "modified" on today's mods.

The word "mod" originating from the early days of vaping when people were
'modifying' flashlights and USB ports to create vapor that was better than the
"cigalike" cartomizer technology.Today, there's nothing modded about a mod.

The name stuck but these are all designed products. Taking a close look at the
screen numbers is a good way to discuss not only what they mean, but also how
they work.
The obvious starting point is Temp Control Mode (TC) vs. Variable Wattage Mode (VW)

Think of Wattage mode as the default, or "normal mode". You control the power, and the temperature of the coil is determined by this setting. More power = hotter coil, less power = cooler coil.
On the left illustration we can see the power is set to an outrageously high 220W.

Temperature Control Mode can be thought of an "extra" - it is never necessary but it adds extra control. It does this by pulsing the power to maintain a preset temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. Temp Control (or TC) requires certain types of metal coil wire which can be used in both Wattage/TC modes.
And on the right illustration we can see the temperature set to 300°
A regulated mod uses electronic circuitry to raise or lower the voltage and often have safety features built in so they don't draw too much power from the battery at a time.

A mechanical mod has no electronics whatsoever and you get the straight voltage of the battery, ~3.7V nominal voltage. Only the resistance of the coil determines how many watts of power and how many amps of current you are drawing.
They are strictly for advanced vapers only as dangerous situations can arise with no screen to warn you.

One thing to keep in mind is to make sure your power source is compatible with your atomizer. Regulated mods and vape pens have a safety cut-off point - if you thread on a sub-atomizer it will simply blink or give you an error message on the display. However most modern mods will do both sub and normal ohm vaping.
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Mods usually contain rechargeable battery cells. Under proper use they are very safe. However we can accept no responsibility for how our batteries are treated.
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