Kangertech Evod 2

The Evod, only better!

Kangertech Evod is a respectable APV (Advanced Personal Vaporizer) and the
Evod2 continues this great performance in a vape pen. APV's are generally for the
new vaper because they are not fussy or finicky, they are dummy-proof, and the
all important part - the coil heads - are available at any shop. The kit comes with
a total of 7 heads so you'll be set for quite a while!
• 2pcs 650mAh 510 Batteries
• 2pcs Evod2 Atomizers (with coil heads)
• 5-pack Replacement Coil Heads
• Kangertech USB Charger
• Wall Adapter
• Manual
• Authenticity card with Scratch Check


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