Longmada Mr. Bald II Kit

A ceramic oven design especially for dry herb materials

Mr. Bald II is an all ceramic cup system that gently heats the plant matter until vapor is
produced. Mr. Bald II is one of the best portable vaping systems we've seen in a
while: the powerful Vi-Pro high amp battery heats the hidden dual coils to high
temps. The ceramic sides vape the material, and once complete any ash/used
material is easily blown clear.
This pen is superb with plant matter, but because it draws air in from below it isn't
quite as good for concentrates that melt. The Poptank II is perfect for concentrates.
• 1 Vi-Pro 2200mAh Battery
• 1 Mr. Bald II Dry Herb Pyrex Atomizer
• 1 USB charging cable
• 1 Dab Tool
• 1 Silicone Ring
• 1 Silicone Drip Tip
• 2 Replacement Screens
• 1 Dry Herb Ceramic Oven Coil Head
• 4 Wick Strands (for making liquid wax
• 1 Manual

In The Box

$49.95 CAD
$37.83 USD


• Dy herb Specific Vaporizer
• Glass & silicone mouthpieces
5.52 inches tall
0.87 inches in diameter
• Vaporizes dry herb
very well - continuing to add heat results in safe combustion inside the ceramic cup.
• Stealthy and Stylish
• Dual Coil Ceramic "doughnut" easy to clean
• 0.5 ohm Ceramic Dual Coils
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