Liquid nicotine - the stuff that makes vaping into an actual tobacco addiction management tool. While 0mg
eliquid is available, most people will find 3, 6, or even 12mg sufficient to drop tobacco completely. You will
find the perfect flavor(s) for you. Until recently we sourced eliquids from California to provide Purity and
quality, however Canadian eJuicers have caught up -and we now proudly carry brands from both countries.
While the eGo 650 family of products works fine for many people, especially those concerned with
ergonomics and esthetics, most of us want the full power vapor. Mods use a bigger, stronger rechargeable
battery cell. The consistent thick vapor mods produce (in conjuction with a great Atomizer) is definitely
worth taking the next step. Be aware that many mods are just a power source, not a kit. And sometimes,
batteries are not included!
Atomizers (sometimes called 'cartomizers' as out-dated terminology) refers to the part of your APV or Mod
which converts e-liquid into vapor. It will have one or more coils somewhere inside that can be replaced
to keep the vapor thick and fresh. Coils are either factory made coil heads, or hand rolled coils from bulk
coil wire. There's pros and cons to both methods, and some factory coil heads perform almost as well as a
great build. Ceramic coils and quartz rods are used in medicinal kits, designed for for zero-loss
The standard 510 batteries (aka "eGo thread") come in passthrough, variable voltage, variable wattage,
LCD display, or basic black, with the standard for most kits being the 650mAh battery. Of course Mods
use battery cells that are replaced as needed rather than replacing the whole battery. The most common
size for these cells is 18650 - 18mm diamater, 650mm in length. Mods will use from 1 to 4 cells
depending on the model.
In the USA and other countries the 'classical vaporizer' is being studied by Big Tobacco as possible ecigs they
may sell. This style of vaporizer heats tobacco to the point of nicotine vaporization, but before combustion
occurs. These are really the first successful miniaturizations of desktop vaporizers, with coils that don't need
to be changed as often. The zero loss "ceramic cup" is popular for costly concentrated products, while plain
dry herb or tobacco works best in a Ceramic Oven or Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers.
Do you need manufactured replacement coil heads? Temp Control wire? Good old Kanthal? Maybe some
Organic Cotton, or stands and lanyards, zipper cases, passthrough cords and battery chargers, 18650 cells,
drip tips, glasses, and assorted replacement parts? We carry replacement ceramic doughnut burners for
concentrates and dry herb vaporizers, and coils for every major brand model of nicotine vapes.
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